Igniting the
Power to Lead
To strengthen the leadership skills of senior
MICE executives, the MICE Capabilities
Development department is creating specialist
training programmes, workshops and seminars
that will help enhance their capacity for
innovation and prepare them for changes
in business operations when the ASEAN
Economic Community (AEC) launches in 2015.
  • MICE Master Class, the Leap to Eminence
    The MICE Capabilities Development department has introduced short, intensive Master Class programmes run by internationally renowned experts to boost management skills in MICE executives. Each programme will highlight different skills, intended to maximise innovation in decision making and planning. Events held in 2013 include MICE Digitally Yours and Bangkok Values Driven Marketing by international guru Philip Kotler.
  • Inspired Learning for Operational Excellence
    The Inspired Learning Programme highlights how interactive activities, practical ideas and problem solving can strengthen the management skills of senior MICE executives for dealing with challenges and changes in the MICE industry.
  • Maximising Success Routes for Newcomers
    The MICE Capabilities Development department and the Department of Industrial Promotion have devised training programmes tailor-made to boost the operational skills of new entrepreneurs in order to maximise the success rates of their business activities.
  • Speaking ASEAN’s MICE Languages
    The MICE Capabilities Development department seeks to encourage Thai MICE players to expand their communication skills by introducing language courses in English and other ASEAN languages, preparing them to be used in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).
  • Target Group
    Multipliers, C Level Executives
  • Mission
    Boost the leadership and innovation skills of senior MICE executives all over the country, especially in MICE cities to strengthen management capability of the country MICE industry
  • Objective
    Source Content that best serves needs to enhance vision of target audiences
Our Activities
  • 2011
    From Social Media to Social Commerce
  • 2012
    How to Generate Bankable IDEAs workshop
  • 2013
    PHILIP KOTLER'S Certified training in Bangkok Values Driven Marketing
  • 2014
    Lean & Green Workshop
    “The Secrets of Superior Service”
    A High-Energy Service Workshop Keep your customers happy, loyal and coming back for more!
    IT Make Money
  • 2015
    CrowdFunding Asia™ Thailand
    Digital Economy form Good to Great
    CrowdFunding Asia™ Thailand
MICE Cluster, Circle of Influence
TCEB aims to encourage Thai MICE executives to network with leading industry professionals from around the world at specially organised trade events. It is hoped this will lead to a better understanding of current market trends, while also helping to develop new partnerships and uplift the events business in Thailand.
  • Sujinda Iam-opart
    Senior Executive
    Tel. +66 (0) 2694 6000 ext. 6080
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