Leading the Sustainability
Thailand was the first country in Asia to
advocate the greening of its MICE industry as
a positive marketing tool and to help protect
the environment. The Thai MICE industry’s
widespread acceptance of TCEB’s green
guidelines has led to more business coming
to Thailand as organisers indicate their
preference for holding business events in
a green destination.
  • Sustainability in Action
    TCEB developed and implemented the innovative Green Meetings Guidelines in 2008 in a determined effort to take Thailand’s MICE industry along the path of becoming green. In doing so, Thailand became the first country to create a dynamic roadmap for green meetings and use it to spread the green MICE message throughout Asia. The Thai MICE industry has adopted TCEB’s Green Meetings Guidelines so thoroughly that Thailand is now regarded as the most outstanding host of green meetings.
  • Green Your Events for a Sustainable Environment
    Upgrading Thailand’s MICE Industry to “Sustainability”, in 2012 TCEB has adopted a new sustainability strategy for the Thai MICE industry, based on the self-sufficiency philosophy of His Majesty the King. Under TCEB’s guidance, Thailand is only the second country in the world to implement and encourage certification in the new standard ISO 20121, the Event Sustainability Management System, which advocates management based on social, economic and environmental considerations. TCEB’s pioneering move has placed Thailand firmly on the global MICE map as an advocate of sustainability.
  • Pedal in Green
    As part of its emphasis on environmental concerns, TCEB encourages people to use bicycles to commute, an activity suitable for MICE Cities. To boost cycling, TCEB is working with Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) to create a Bicycle Parking Spot and provide a safe place to leave bicycles.
Thailand’s Roadmap to Sustainable Destination
  • 2008
    • Environment Management Survey
    • Green Meetings Seminar
    • Dedicated Green Meetings Team
  • 2009
    • Launched Green Meetings guideline
    • Green Seminar: Advancing the Future of MICE
    • Go Green’ Exhibition #1 (annual)
    • Green Meetings Website Launched
  • 2010
    • Go Green’ Exhibition #2 (annual)
    • Seminar: ISO50001 Cost & Benefits
    • Monthly Articles on Green Meetings Topics
    • Monthly Local Case Studies of Green MICE Players
    • Airport Link Marketing Support
  • 2011
    • Lean & Green Workshop
    • Green Meetings Member Program
    • Financial Support Program for MICE Events
    • Implement ISO50001 at major Bangkok Venues
  • 2012
    • Re-positioning to sustainability destination
    • Hosted Sustainability Thailand Seminar
    • Introducing ISO 20121
  • 2013
    • Thailand MICE industry goes Carbon Neutral
    • Hosted Sustainability Thailand Forum
    • Financial support for ISO 20121
  • 2014
    • Sustainable Master Plan for Thai’s MICE Industry
    • Financial support for ISO 20121
  • 2015
    • Sustainable Events Guidelines
    • Carbon Neutral Events Guidebook
    • Carbon Neutral Events support
    • Increase financial support for ISO 20121
    • MICE Sustainability Forum 2015
  • 2016
    • Farm to Functions
    • Host UFI Sustainability Development
    • MICE Sustainability Forum 2016
    • Awareness Building
    • Increase financial support for ISO 20121
Managing Carbon Footprint in Business Events
Taking sustainability in business events to the next level, TCEB partners with Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) to prepare the direction on carbon footprint assessment for the business events, primarily supporting MICE operators to stage events with more consideration towards the environment and embarking on a journey for a lowcarbon society.
From Farm to Functions
TCEB has joined forces with MICE partners to launch ‘Farm to Functions’ project - a smart move for sustainable MICE encouraging MICE entrepreneurs to support organic agricultural products produced by local communities. This project helps to create a sense of responsibility toward the environment and society which is in harmony with global trends. This is the first project in the world involving government and private sectors to support the economy of local communities.

The Thai MICE industry is reaping many benefits from adopting TCEB’s sustainability initiatives and global standards of service. International awareness that Thailand hosts exclusive green events with outstanding service quality is resulting in more event business and more bids won.
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